Storage/Packaging Tips

packaging-tips packaging-tips
  1. Use good quality storage boxes to ensure the durability needed when moving.
  2. Label or number boxes for easy reference.
  3. Create an inventory of your stored items.
  4. Fill boxes to capacity, half full boxes may tip or collapse if stacked.
  5. Heavy items should be packed into small boxes (remember you have to lift them!!).
  6. Protect your fragile items in protective packaging such as bubble wrap.
  7. If you are storing clothes use wardrobe boxes with hangers as this helps to keep their shape whilst in storage.
  8. Place protective covers over your soft furnishings.
  9. Do not place heavy items on mattresses or sofas.
  10. Leave the doors of refrigerators or freezers slightly ajar to prevent the build up of mould.
  11. Stack chairs seat to seat with a cloth or paper to separate them.
  12. Ensure all of your FUEL FILLED ITEMS are emptied prior to your arrival.
  13. Un-plumb and drain washing machines & dishwashers.
  14. Empty and drain irons, fryers, tea/coffee makers.
  15. Plan your storage space:-
    1. Place your heavy or bulky items in the store first.
    2. Stack similar size boxes together.
    3. Ensure that items or documents your may need to gain access to are placed in last and close to the door.

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