Archive Storage

archive archive

Is your valuable office space taken up with archives or materials used for your business? We have a cost effective solution which will enable you to use your office space for personnel rather than a storage facility.

There are two options available to you. You can either rent an individual unit as detailed under self storage, or you can take advantage of our managed archive storage facility.

Managed Archive Storage

This is a flexible way of storing your boxes until they can legally be destroyed. You simply archive your documents in archive boxes and label them accordingly (we suggest you also record a destruction date).

We then collect them (or you can arrange delivery), record each box and place them into our archive store. Should you require any boxes out, you simply give us a call asking for whatever box or boxes you require which can either be collected from site or we can deliver. We then log on our records the date the box was removed from store. When a box has reached its destruction date, at your request we can destroy its contents for you, or you can arrange for them to be removed.

For prices please contact us on 01270 669489.